What We Do

Valkyrie Systems is a technology company that specializes in remote sensing.  We develop signal processing capabilities for intelligence products that detect, characterize and ultimately mitigate the threats and hazards found in the world around us.

  • Open – We are champions for sensor independent data standards.  Our team has been working within the community to develop standardized processing formats that simplify the signal processing workflow.
    • Compensated Receive Signal Data (CRSD) is a standard under development that describes the received signal data from a single sensor and collection period.  It is an intermediate product format that applies compensations for distortions along the receive signal path.
    • Compensated Phase History Data (CPHD) is an emerging standard in review that a flexible data structure/file format for the storage and transmission of SAR Phase History Data (PHD) originating from conventional as well as advanced SAR sensors.  CPHD is an intermediate product comprised of standardized, raw data.  Its utility is in the products and measurements that may be derived from it.
    • Sensor Independent Complex Data (SICD) is a published standard that describes the implementation of SICD products for complex image data generated by Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems and their data processing elements.  A SAR complex image is an intermediate data product, and paves the way for GEOINT products in which the quality of the pixel array (resolution, SNR, etc.) and metadata provided are critical.
  • Expertise – EM spectrum holds a wealth of information and we know how to extract it.  Our small team has over 100 years in designing and building remote sensing systems.
  • Simple – It’s how we conduct business and how we design our solutions.