Products and Services

Algorithm Processing Framework

APF is a software defined framework that abstracts digital signal processing into independent modular components capable of executing anywhere.

Algorithm Sensing Catalog

ASC is a repository of individual digital signal processing components that are assembled to solve each customer’s specific needs.

Our Products

By combining our processing framework and our sensing catalog, we create for our customers unmatched capabilities to deliver the best intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance imaginable.

SAGE — a modular signal processing suite


  • SAR Kit Provides Polar format algorithm
    • Supports NGA standard
      formats (CPHD and SICD)
    • Multiple Image Modes
    • Arbitrary center frequency (VHF through Ka)
    • Diverse geometries
  • Image Enhancement Kit Provides
    • Specialized SAR algorithms to enable collection in contested environments
  • ATR Kit Provides
    • SAR based Rotating Object   Detection
    • IR based object classification and heuristics

 Engineering Services — custom design and software solutions

  • Payload performance requirements and ICDs
  • Payload performance evaluation
  • Sensor specific adoption of NGA standards
  • Exploitation algorithm design
  • Mission planning and analysis

More about our solutions

Our solutions are built from community standards to deploy advanced digital signal processing techniques for remote sensing technologies. Our applications are designed for cooperative and non-cooperative operating environments.